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Shiro Onedera

Founder and President

Shiro Onedera Headshot.jpg

Tammy Onedera

Founder and CEO


Shiro and Tammy Onedera founded Seraphim Analytics in 2012.  What started as a small data company that provided competitor data for just one niche industry has grown and evolved into a successful full-service company that specializes in niche data and analytics over a myriad of industries.  The company couldn't do it without their invaluable team of programmers, researchers, and data scientists. Seraphim has proudly been a driving force of many mergers and acquisitions of their clients, totaling over $2.1 billion. Clients experience revenue growth from Seraphim's assistance range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and non-profits.  In addition, Seraphim Analytics has assisted VC firms in growing their portfolios much faster. The company takes great satisfaction in great challenges -- uncovering hard-to-find or obscure data, deep competitive intelligence, comprehensive research, and strategy. Creativity and unconventional methods are factors that Shiro and Tammy enjoy finding means to incorporate into the company.  Data and creativity; yes the two can be combined AND in an extremely powerful way!  


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